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Referees and Slug Bugs – Brian Barone

“Slug bug…1 point!” “BLUE slug bug…that is my point not yours!” “I said it first!” “You didn’t say the right color…those are the rules.” “If I call it out first, but didn’t say the color does it still count, dad?” “No…you have to say the color too otherwise it doesn’t count.” “Last time you counted […]

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Good Cop…Bad Cop – Brian Barone

You be “Good Cop” and I’ll be “Bad Cop.” We have all heard it and most of us have all tried it. I lost belief and interest in this concept a long time ago. It is gimmicky and fake. The long term effectiveness of this tactic does not help win championships. My current team reaffirmed […]

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Build Your Jedi Team…Consistent You Must Be – Brian Barone

I bet George Lucas never thought he would be helping give a college basketball coach advice on how to build a team when Star Wars first hit theaters on May 25, 1977. Just a few months earlier Al McGuire guided the Marquette University Basketball team to an eight point win over North Carolina. I played […]

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Keeping The Dark Side Out – Brian Barone

This post is a continuation of EPISODE 1- “Build Your Jedi Team…Consistent You Must Be”. It’s a further exploration of my reflections on the philosophical coaching/parenting masterwork that is “Star Wars.” Throughout all 9 Star Wars movies there is a “light” and a “dark” side. The young Anakin Skywalker was a “good boy” with the […]

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Positive Energy Experience

As I was driving my team around a few weeks ago my son asked me what energy was. I have found my mind is numb to the number and type of questions I get on a daily basis from my 7, 5, and 3 year-olds. However, this question caught my attention because it was not […]

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Figure It Out and Find A Way

Recently my past and my present crossed paths when my son saw highlights and postgame of Marquette (my alma mater) beating Villanova. He knows the value I put on “team” and the emphasis I put on supporting a teammate or coach. He knows my strong ties to Marquette (my framed jersey is one of the […]

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“KISS ME” – Brian Barone

Among my hundreds of thousands of hours in the gym, there are a few moments that have stuck with me through the years. A scrimmage decades ago, when I was playing in high school, is one of those moments. I beat my defender and came to a jump stop in the lane. I decided to […]