Our Approach

The last 15 years of Brian Barone’s professional life has been about coaching college basketball. Brian’s father was a college and NBA coach since before he was born. Brian has lived with coaches and “coaching” his entire life. Coaches often say, “I will coach your child as if they are my own.” Few actually mean it and even fewer do it. Brian Barone has always tried to do that and now he LIVES IT – 24-7.

As a coach, it is important to be true to who you are. Every team has a personality which is a reflection of the coaching staff’s core beliefs. Brian’s philosophy is direct and to the point; PUSH FORWARD TO IMPROVE EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE, EVERY SINGLE DAY. The best way to do this is to be true to yourself. The team will always sense what really matters to the coach. Brian’s style of coaching is at its best when he is coaching and stressing what he is feeling in the moment. Preparation allows those moments of coaching to occur and be honest. The team is around the coaching staff enough to know the personalities, demeanors, and true beliefs of their coaches. If you attempt to be someone you are not, your players, team and administration will eventually distrust you as a leader. Green Bay’s legendary Coach Dick Bennett once told Brian, “Be true to yourself so the kids know you are real.” This advice has strengthened Brian’s belief and conviction in how to coach his team on a day to day basis.

As a coach, Brian feels his job is to help each member of the team and staff reach their full potential and improve each day. “My guidance will help them reach this potential as a student, an athlete, and as a person.” This is not an easy task, but it is an exciting challenge. Brian will tell you “I am in coaching to face this challenge each day and achieve great things.”

The cornerstone of Brian’s philosophy consists of discipline, honesty, enthusiasm, and family. Discipline means getting your players to understand what is the right thing to do and doing it right every time. Honesty is being true to yourself, which will help guide your team to being true to themselves. Enthusiasm is the base from which everything great was ever accomplished. Finally, promoting a family atmosphere within a program will facilitate a culture of unity and foster a positive legacy in a program year after year.

Our Story