Our Approach

Our Story

Brian Barone is currently an assistant MBB coach at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. Brian is also a father, husband, son and brother. His entire life has been spent in locker rooms. Brian played all sports growing up until focusing on basketball as he reached high school. Sports and coaching has affected his life in so many ways.

Brian Barone played basketball at Texas A&M University before transferring to Marquette University to finish his playing eligibility. At Marquette he finished with  a Master’s Degree in Communications prior to quickly jumping into the “grind” of college coaching, “I simply loved it” he said. Coaching (and allowing himself to be coached) has enhanced his life experience beyond his wildest dreams. Some of his coaching successes have allowed Brian to coach in the NCAA tournament, win a league championship, recruit and coach NBA Draft picks. Indiana University, Marquette University, Illinois State University, and the University of Wisconsin Green Bay have been a few of the places he has coached successfully.

As a coach, Brian has been a salesman, counselor, motivator, innovator, and student all at once and so he know that whatever comes next, coaching will never stop for him. His mind is always relating even the most mundane daily tasks of life, to coaching, because EVERYTHING RELATES.